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Counterparty Interface

Copyright Agent is a crucial ally for all creators of original content. They ensure that copyrighted works are published securely online and give authors peace of mind.

They provide an overview of who has the right to use the works and play a role in educating the market. They also handle any cases that arise if the works are used without proper licensing.


The entire case process at Copyright Agent was manual, from creating documents to collecting payments. This resulted in a multitude of tasks that placed a significant burden on our Rights Managers. Managing a single case was a complex and time-consuming process.


Our objective was to reduce the time and effort spent on creating and closing cases. The process was entirely manual and lacked any asynchronous functionality. With operations in various time zones, including Australia, which is 12 hours ahead, we aimed to provide the counterparty with constant access to all necessary information.



We first developed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to test a potential solution. The application was designed to handle 100 cases in three different markets and had a simple user interface. The MVP served as a starting point for our design process and helped us understand the needs and requirements of our users.

  1. Log in to case a. With case details from an email b. Clicking straight into the case through a link in the email.
  2. See all necessary case details
  3. Pay for the claim

Platform mockup

Platform mockup - scrolled


The MVP was a major success in terms of simplifying the case process and streamlining the workflow for our Rights Managers. The application effectively reduced the average case close time from 45 days to just 7 days, which was a significant improvement in terms of efficiency and productivity. By taking away almost 80% of the workload from our Rights Managers, the application greatly simplified their daily tasks and allowed them to focus on more important responsibilities.

The simplicity and ease of use of the application were key factors in its success. The user interface was intuitive and straightforward, making it easy for our counterparty to navigate and settle their cases. The design was well received by our team and helped to improve their overall job satisfaction. The success of this project demonstrates the impact that good design can have in solving real-world business problems and improving overall efficiency.

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